Mike and Matt Dwyer from Barefoot Casting are aligning with Baradene College of the Sacred Heart in offering a dynamic after-school on-screen acting programme to students that delivers excellence in educational, developmental and film industry outcomes over 9 weeks.

As well as being great fun, the programme aims to address the difference between stage acting and film and television acting.  In short, the two forms are very different. The film and television industry is crying out for emerging camera-ready youth who can interpret and step into the many on-screen roles being written for them.  Matt & Mike aim to facilitate that process by making an on-camera acting class available to students of Baradene College.  The class size will be limited to 8 students.  We will select the class participants through a joint teacher/director process.

To register please contact:
Matt Dywer
[email protected]
T: 376 1000