Experience the joy and freedom of improvising; play oodles of drama games, take part in friendly ‘in-school’ competitions, laugh ‘til it hurts! Get involved in a group that has THE-MOST-FUN and sharpen your performance skills at the same time.

“Theatre sports is an improvised theatre entertainment, played as a spectator sport. Teams of players invent scenes from suggestions from the audience. They play out their scenes in different structures called games. The games are judged and scored by a panel of judges. Teams challenge each other to spontaneously tell a better story by using more skill, wit and unique invention and generally attempt to be more entertaining than the other.”

Theatre sports at Baradene is definitely an opportunity not to be missed!

Open to any year group.


No Cost

Times and Venue:

Jubilee 1, day of the week to be confirmed early 2022


Regular attendance.

Competition/tournaments will be held at the end of each term.

This may require extra rehearsals and attendance is crucial.


Louise Bolton


[email protected]