Results are in!

On Sunday 2 September the 2018 Baradene Music Competition was held and the following students were awarded first place in their category;

  • Junior Piano- Mikayla Brown
  • Junior Strings- Jordis Pereira
  • Junior Brass- Alex Clarke
  • Junior Wind- Alina Chen
  • Junior Vocal- Alexia Gribble
  • Junior Musician of the Year- Olivia Zhu

  • Intermediate Piano- Eumin Byun
  • Intermediate Strings- Ella O’Brien
  • Intermediate Wind- Emma Mazzaschi & Maggie Lopez
  • Intermediate Brass- Charlotte Crean
  • Intermediate Percussion- Ella McKanny
  • Intermediate Vocal- Katie-Lee Webster
  • Intermediate Musician of the Year- Emma Mazzaschi & Eumin Byun

  • Senior Piano- Rhea Patel
  • Senior Strings- Lara Miranda & Ella Lambert
  • Senior Brass- Amy Laithwaite
  • Senior Wind- Helena White
  • Senior Vocal- Poppy McDonnell & Kate Scotting
  • Senior Musician of the Year- Lara Miranda & Poppy McDonnell

  • Most Promising Musician- Poppy McDonnell

Sincere thanks to Sacred Heart College HOD Nino Sloser, Former APO Connecting Rachael Brand and Lewis Eady Events and Piano Evans Chuang for adjudicating.

The Baradene Music Competition takes place at the end of Term 3 each year. 

WIth a growing number of musicians at the very top level, our Music Cups and Awards for individual students are contested in the following categories;

  • String
  • Wind 
  • Brass
  • Percussion
  • Piano 
  • Vocal 

Each category is split into;

  • Junior ( Year 7-8 )
  • Intermediate ( Year 9-10 )
  • Senior ( Year 11-13 )

There is an invited adjudicator, well-known professional in the industry, to judge the competition on the day and awards will be presented at the winners recital on the last day of Term 3.

Any questions email