The Auditorium is a gathering place for the whole community. It has a maximum seating capacity of 1500 people.  There are 800 fixed seats and the rest are available as removable wooden chairs.

The Auditorium has a unique stage in that it is semi circular and can be lowered and raised by one metre according to the purpose for which it is required. There is also a smaller riser which can be raised 450cm.  Exact measurements, together with many other specifications, can be found in the facility information booklet available for download from this site.

You can make use of the technical equipment the Auditorium has on offer together with a dedicated team of technical staff or you may bring in your own trusted companies.  Other features are the grand piano and an organ. 

All of these are listed in the resources that are available for download from this site. To make an appointment for viewing or for any other queries, please contact Kitty Moore [email protected] on 027 2077392