The Sophia Chapel is regarded as a quiet space, a place to be still, to wait, to listen attentively, and to contemplate reverently the presence of God.  It is also a place where from time to time we celebrate together our growing and deepening love for God and our love for each other.

The Chapel has wonderful floor to ceiling windows that not only allow the natural sky and beautiful gardens to be visible, but also tell a story. These windows were designed by Annett Hanrahan RSCJ.

The Chapel has seating for up to 150 people in the standard setting, yet has the flexibility to be re-configured  to suit the needs of customised events, such as seating facing the altar, the outdoors, other members of the Congregation, or a semi circular arrangement.

The venue provides excellent acoustics that work very well for weddings, retreats, Masses, or chamber music. Occasionally some readings and children's voices can require amplification so the lectern has a built in microphone. Lapel and wireless microphones are also available.

Further information relating to weddings is available to download from the 'resources' file below.  An appointment to view the Chapel facilities or discuss proposed events can be made by contacting Kitty Moore [email protected] on 027 2077392