You can donate your BCL tax credits back to Baradene

Baradene has partnered with New Zealand company, TaxGift, to enable you to donate the tax credits on your Baradene College Limited (BCL) Donation Receipts for the benefit of Baradene.

Funding necessary College resources is always a challenge and unfortunately not all educational initiatives are able to be financed by Parent Contributions or by the Ministry of Education.

TaxGift provides a quick and cost-effective way for families to support Baradene and ensure our students receive the very best education possible.

If you are an individual and a New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, you can donate the tax credits on your BCL Donation Receipts instead of claiming them for yourself.    

It only takes two minutes to opt in to donate the tax credits on your BCL Donation Receipts

Click on the button below to opt in - complete your name and email address. It really is that simple! 

Opt in to TaxGift

If you have unclaimed tax credits from the last four years, tick the box to TaxGift these as well.

The experts at TaxGift will work with Baradene and Inland Revenue to do the rest. For further information, see the FAQs below.

The way TaxGift works is simple

Taxgift Diagram

For example, from a Parent Financial Contribution of $1000, TaxGift claims $497.83 from Inland Revenue and donates this amount to BCL as a gift from you – a gift that will make a powerful difference. 

Your tax credit donation goes on giving through the years until the minimum gift of $5 is reached, without you having to do anything further.

Your donated tax credits will provide much needed funds for Baradene    

By choosing to TaxGift your tax credits, you are helping Baradene to continue to deliver an outstanding education to future generations of young women. 

Thank you for your support.

Got Questions?

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If you have questions not answered by the FAQs, please contact us at:

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