We have opportunities for students to join groups to further develop their media studies skills:


The techie team is responsible for the audio and visual equipment in the auditorium. This means that whenever we have an event or assembly, members of the Techie Team are upstairs in the ‘box’ managing the sound board, looking after the lighting and any video or visual presentations that there might be. The team also controls the stage and plays a big role in events like FOSH. This year we have an external company conducting further training on the sound desk and the lighting desk.


One of the major competitions open to students is the 48 Hour Film Competition. Including Year 11, 12 and 13 students, the club enters teams that form film crews. Each team attends the launch of the competition on the Friday night where they are given the information on what to create. They then have until Sunday evening to produce, from concept to final edit, a short film. 

Please send all Media enquiries to TIC of Media, Miss Jaymee Brearley

[email protected]