Mā te whakaaro nui e hanga te whare; mā te mātauranga e whakaū

Big ideas create the house; knowledge maintains it

Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. It involves generating and testing ideas, gathering evidence in order to develop scientific knowledge, understanding, and explanations.

Science is able to inform problem solving and decision making in many areas of life. By studying science, students use their scientific knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the communication, application, and implications of science as these relate to their own lives and cultures and to the sustainability of the environment.

The Science Faculty offers several courses in the senior school. At Level 1, students can choose to engage with Physical science (Chemistry and Physics), Biological science (Biology and Chemistry) or both. At Levels 2 and 3, courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all available. All 3 science specialisms offer Olympiad and Scholarship opportunities.

Mrs Sarah Boasman
Head of Faculty, Science
[email protected] 

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