He taonga nga reo katoa

- All languages are to be treasured

Learning a new language provides a means of communicating with people from another culture and exploring one’s own personal world. The rewards from studying languages are many and last a lifetime. There is the personal satisfaction from taking on an intellectual challenge and the practical payback that Language graduates have in the job market - that 'something extra' that employers look for in a competitive environment. There is also the ability to actively participate in the issues and events that shape the social, political and economic direction of the entire world.

Languages offered at Baradene College are French, Spanish, Te reo Maori and Chinese. All students have a two term taster course for each language in Year 7 and Year 8 so they can choose the language they want to study in Year 9.  All students learn a language in Year 9. In Year 10, they are encouraged to continue with their chosen language but may choose to start learning a second additional language.

Baradene College has connections with sister schools all around the world and has a strong reciprocal exchanges programme for senior Language students.

Miss Charlotte Clech
Head of Faculty, Languages
[email protected]


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