Our founder Saint Madeleine Sophie believed in the importance of service and justice.  Her kindness, resilience and loyalty remain a strong example for young woman of the 21st century.  Our young woman learn that through service they are able to respond to others' hardships and make a difference in today's world. 

Students gain social awareness, a sense of social justice and awareness of the risk to the world's environment, through studying the issues which face the world community. The school community supports voluntary agencies through mufti days, contributions through annual appeals and funds raised through La Fete.  A highlight of our school calender, La Fete is a festival where students fundraise to help a carefully selected project outside the school.  Every year level contributes by organising a stall and all proceeds go to the project.  The Young Vinnies group also help others through the gift of time, serving groups and individuals in need. 

Each Year 11 student spends a block of 11 weeks on the Social Awareness Programme.  The course includes class work on issues of concern in the wider community, sessions with visiting speakers and visits to outside venues.  The students visit rest homes, schools for students with special learning needs, and work and recreational facilities for the elderly or disabled adults.  The importance of these weekly visits is less about what a student does, and more about the reflection and personal growth which take place because of the visits.  The Social Awareness Programme makes a big impact on our students and they, and their parents, remember it vividly as a highlight of the education at Baradene.