“Our education is not meant to turn the children out small and finished but seriously begun on a wide basis. Therefore, they must leave us with some self-knowledge, some energy, some purpose.”

- Janet Eskine Stuart rscJ

Religious Education at Baradene is a critical thinking, relevant, and contemporary academic subject through which the Catholic tradition is taught from Year 7 to Scholarship. Students are accompanied on their own personal faith journey by dedicated and knowledgeable Religious Education teachers passionate about their faith and that of their students.

The special character of our Scared Heart tradition wraps itself around everything we do in the faculty. Students are taught a broad curriculum from the history of the Society, World Religions, contemporary ethical issues, and Catholic Social Justice.

We believe that through our Religious Education curriculum, all students are encouraged to ‘shine’ and discover their gifts and talents so that, like the first disciples, they will be ready to go out into the world as responsible Catholic citizens who, through their witness, can make a real difference in contemporary society.

Ms Lisa Jenkins
Head of Faculty, Religious Education
[email protected]

Curriculum Information & Learning Pathways