We have a state of the art, fully functioning, wireless environment which gives students access to all the resources necessary for a supported engaging learning environment.

Students are asked to bring a specific BYOD device that works for all learning areas. The advantages for students bringing their own devices are many and varied. A student owned internet capable device gives them instant access to unlimited online resources and enables them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way that will prepare them for the future. Ownership of a personal device by students has proven to bring a new level of motivation and engagement.
It helps to develop greater independence and improved critical thinking, and will provide new opportunities for collaboration and sharing. The full integration of digital learning tools into our curriculum is preparing our students for the digital community of which they are already a part of.

Baradene ICT BYOD Information


Under the Microsoft Schools for schools agreement, the College sets up Office 365 accounts for each student. Students are able to download a free copy of the latest Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.) onto their device.


‘Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom’ is one of our Sacred Heart Goals. At Baradene we believe open communication between parents, teachers and students is the best way to keep students safe. Our Staff and Head Librarian teaches Cybersafety and explores the concept of creating a digital footprint. NetSafe is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes confident, safe, and responsible use of Cyberspace. We strongly recommend that parents regularly visit this website:



Parents and students are able to log on to our Parent/Student Portal to access grades, attendance data and general information:

Parent/Student Portal

Students use Office 365 to access their learning resources:

Office 365