Scholarship is a national external assessment for top senior school students. Scholarship examines course material related to, and in extension to NCEA Level 3.  Scholarship examinations are demanding and require students to demonstrate high level critical thinking and analytical skills, a comprehensive understanding of key content as well as advanced written language skills.

NZQA's intention is that 3% of the total number of Year 13 students in the country sitting Level 3 in each of the available subjects will be awarded a Scholarship, provided Scholarship standards are met. Of this 3% nationwide who gain a Scholarship pass, a small number, equating to approximately 0.5% nationwide will be accorded an Outstanding Scholarship.

Each year between 5 to 10 students nationwide are selected for a Premier Scholars Award. Successful Scholarship students gain substantial monetary awards. A Scholarship in just one subject receives $500 as a single payment. Other Scholarship awards result in payments spanning three years of successful tertiary study. 

Baradene College has had great success preparing our students for these rigorous examinations. In 2018 we received 50 Academic Scholarships.


Scholarship Programme