About Baradene College

Baradene College of the Sacred Heart offers an education based on the philosophy of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat who founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1800AD.

This philosophy has been deepened and developed over time and today is summed up in the five Goals that each Sacred Heart school is committed to educate to:

    + Faith, which is relevant in today's world
    + A deep respect for intellectual values
    + A social awareness which impels to action
    + The building of community as a Christian value
    + Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

The qualities of mind and the desires of the spirit, valued in this tradition are:

    + the love of learning, the art of wonder, the savouring of truth and beauty     
    + the search for knowledge and understanding through the discipline of persevering inquiry, insight, order, structure,     communication and imaginative expression
    + the inter-relating of knowledge and experience in a manner informed, reflective, critical, tolerant, constructive and      decisive
    + an interest in and appreciation of branches of learning both practical and academic beyond any one subject     discipline and a concern to humanise the study of science and technology
    + the recognition of each person as the agent of his or her own growth, capable of ever new understanding of the     human world
    + a strong desire for justice in human society as the school community learns to discern the face of God in human     experience



The Society of the Sacred Heart opened their first school in Auckland in 1909, in a house in Mountain Road , Epsom, and then moved to the Victoria Avenue property in 1910.

Expansion over the years now sees the school with refurbished buildings able to accommodate the ever widening curriculum. Baradene was both a boarding and day school until 1985 when the boarding section was finally closed. Baradene became a State integrated school in 1983. The position of Principal was held by the Religious of the Sacred Heart until 1975 when Mr William Fryer became the first lay Principal. He gave dedicated leadership for 22 years. This leadership role was then taken up by Mrs Gillian Trotman who introduced a number of innovations to Baradene. Ms Anna Heffernan, a former staff member, returned to Baradene as Principal at the beginning of 1998 until mid 2002. Mr Alan Burton took on the duty of Acting Principal for 6 months to the end of 2002. Mrs Patricia Radich was Principal of Baradene from 2003 - 2010. Mrs Marge Scott was Acting Principal for Terms 1 and 2, 2011, and Mrs Sandy Pasley started as Principal in Term 3 of this year.

The Society of the Sacred Heart, begun in France in 1800, founded Baradene College of the Sacred Heart and continue to exercise influence on the life and education of the school through Baradene College Limited which acts as the Proprietor of the College, through the Network of Sacred Heart Schools and through the presence of two communities of Sisters on the site.


Baradene Convent
Religious of the Sacred Heart who began the School in 1909 still reside in the Mitchelson House and, since 1960, in the Northern section of the Jubilee Wing. Although most of the Sisters are retired from an active teaching apostolate in the School, they are vitally involved with the staff and students in a voluntary capacity and by their prayers and interest.

Baradene Sacre Coeur Association
The Alumnae Association is for former students and staff who wish to keep in contact with each other and with the college and the Sisters once they have left school. The Association is a member of the world wide Association of Sacred Heart Schools and endeavours to keep alive many of the worthwhile traditions of Sacred Heart education.

Association of Sacred Heart Schools
The Australia/New Zealand Network of Sacred Heart Schools is an association of the four schools in Australia and New Zealand that share the same history and tradition of education. This Association aims to support in a variety of ways the living out of the Goals of Sacred Heart education in each school.

Baradene College Auckland
Kincoppal-Rose Bay Sydney
Sacré Coeur


AMIENS is a town in France , north of Paris. The first Mother House of the Society of the Sacred Heart was here.

BARAT is named for Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat , the foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart. She was a French woman, born in a small town, called Joigny, in 1779.

ERSKINE is named for Janet Erskine Stuart who joined the Society of the Sacred Heart and became Mother General of the Order, visiting New Zealand in 1913.

LORETO is named for Loreto Hall, the Catholic Teacher's College in Benson Road , Remuera, Auckland, founded in 1950 where nuns were trained to be teachers. rscJ of Auckland, Sister Patricia Mackle and Sister Margaret D'Ath, both had strong associations with the College.

PHILIPPINE is named for Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne. A French woman who joined the Society of the Sacred Heart and who eventually travelled to the United States of America to establish convents there. She was declared a Saint on July 3rd, 1988.

STUART is named for Janet Erskine Stuart. She was born in 1857; received into the Catholic Church at aged 21 and joined the Society of the Sacred Heart. She was a great educator, wrote several books and trained novices in the Order.


Baradene College is an academic College where achievement at the highest level is valued, and the diversity of student ability is acknowledged.


Baradene College is committed to:

+ Meeting National Curriculum goals and objectives and giving due recognition to New Zealand's dual cultural     heritage.
+ Offering its students a broad general education which will enable them to specialise later in the fields of their choice.+ Providing holistic courses of study that educate the students academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
+ Embedding in all its courses of instruction the philosophies of Sacred Heart education.
+ Ensuring that courses of study at each level will allow every girl to develop her talents as far as she is able.
+ Putting in place programmes that will assist individual students to overcome their difficulties.

                                                      + Baradene Curriculum Booklet

Baradene College runs a Personalised Learning Programme, which specialises in assisting our girls with their different learning needs, whether that is Enrichment Learning (gifted and talented) or specific learning difficulties, for example, dyslexia.


All students in Years 7 to13 have at least two and a half hours of Religious Education in classes per week.

In Year 11, students have an opportunity to participate in the Social Awareness Programme for one term. This comprises community visits and an interesting array of speakers from areas of need such as the prisons. This programme relies heavily on parental support for transport.

Students in Years 11 to 13 are offered Achievement Standards.  These are internal assessed.


At Baradene College of the Sacred Heart we offer as varied a school sports programme as possible. Our aim is to foster participation and to that end we cater for most interests and talents.

Sports available at Baradene:

Cross Country / Road Race
Dragon Boating

Mountain Biking
Netball Rowing
Touch Rugby
Triathlon / Duathlon / Multisport
Water polo

Sports that are not currently offered may be considered if there is adequate interest.

The school is also involved in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


Year 10 at Camp Adair, Hunua, and Raglan for Years 7 and 8.


Theatre visits
Debating and Public Speaking
Visual Arts
Dance/performance groups
Internationality and Student Exchanges


At Baradene College of the Sacred Heart emphasis is placed on giving students as much opportunity to develop their leadership skills as possible. Some of the opportunities for the development of leadership skills are:

The Committee System
Student Executive
Big Sister/Little Sister
Class Captains
Cor Unum Representatives
Homeroom and BOT Representatives



Baradene College of the Sacred Heart has a strong pastoral care system which is organised by the Director Student Support and a Dean at each level in the school.

Each Dean is supported by a team of Homeroom teachers who have daily contact with the students and who monitor the progress of each individual in Homeroom class. It is hoped that each Homeroom group builds a sense of community and trust as the year progresses, both with the Homeroom teacher and with one another.

There are two Guidance Counsellors who may be consulted by students and parents for matters of a personal nature.

People involved in pastoral care include:

The Sacramental Chaplain

The priest who assists with sacramental chaplaincy is also able to be of help to families in times of need, especially times of grief.

The Homeroom Teacher

The Homeroom teacher provides day to day pastoral care and guidance and is the most important contact teacher for the student. The Homeroom teacher makes daily checks on attendance, uniform and general student wellbeing. The Homeroom teacher also organises longer periods of Homeroom activities and sustained silent reading in the course of the week.

The Dean

The Deans supervise the welfare and discipline of all students in their level. They monitor any behavioural difficulties and are the main contact between the school and home. They ensure that students are assisted and encouraged to achieve their full potential in all their activities at school.

The Guidance Counsellor

The counsellor works with individual students and their families on areas of particular concern. She provides links with community agencies who give specialised support.


Careers advice and individual interviews are available from the careers staff. Various careers programmes and activities are organised during the year for Year 7 to 13 students.


Parent Information Evenings

Parent and caregiver information evenings for Year 7 to 13 are held in February to outline the year's curriculum and programme at each level and to inform parents about the support services available within the school community for them and their daughters.

Report Evenings

All new Year 7 to 13 students receive progress reports in March or April. Formal reports are issued at mid year and end of year for Years 7 to 10. Report evenings for Year 7 to 10 are scheduled in Term 2, but parents of all Years7 to 13 students are encouraged to contact the teachers at any time if they are concerned about their daughter. Students in Years 11,12 and 13 receive two formal reports - one in June and one in September or October. Report evenings are held early in June for senior students.

Newsletters and Term Calenders

Newsletters are emailed each term throughout the year to keep parents and caregivers up-to-date with what has been happening in the school and to provide information on forthcoming events. A two term calendar is issued in the first week of the school year, and in the last week of Term 2 for the forthcoming terms to assist with family organisation.

Open Evenings

An Open Evening is held once a year to enable current and prospective parents and caregivers to visit the school and learn about the history and philosophy of Baradene as well as the programmes currently being offered.

New Families Evenings

An evening is held at the end of the year to welcome new students and their families to the Baradene community. This is a more practical orientation, for both parents and daughters and also informs them about the Goals of Sacred Heart education.

Social Awareness Programme

The Social Awareness Programme is part of the Religious Education course at Year 11 and students visit various venues across Auckland such as rest homes and disabled children's schools. This programme is dependent upon volunteer drivers and it provides a worthwhile opportunity for parents and caregivers to become involved in the wider life of the school community.

Parent Teacher Association

An active Parent-Teacher Association operates within the school community.

The Parent-Teacher Association's primary function is to promote a spirit of community among the school staff, Board of Trustees and parents. They also assist in providing better amenities for students and staff.

The school's PTA holds on-going fund-raising projects throughout the school year, as well as assisting at school functions. It actively supports staff with a scholarship each year. All parents or caregivers of enrolled students are entitled to put their names forward for nomination to the PTA Committee which holds elections in February each year.

Parent Help List

Parents and caregivers are asked each February to nominate areas where assistance can be given to the school. These collated lists are distributed to the relevant section of the College community for actioning.


In 1985 the Society of the Sacred Heart transferred to Baradene College Trust Board the complete assets of the Victoria Avenue property, the responsibility for the Special Character of Baradene College, and the proprietorial rights embodied in the Integration Agreement.

As a result of changing circumstances and particularly in order to give greater security to the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and the College, the Trust Board decided in 2001 to re-structure and set up a Limited Liability Company.

Under the Constitution of this Company, the Directors are legally required to:

+ assist in the promotion of the charitable, apostolic and religious activities of the Society of the Sacred Heart in     connection with Baradene College .

+ conduct Baradene College as part of the mission of the Catholic Church, and in conformity with Canon Law of the     Catholic Church, and following the stated educational philosophy of the Society of the Sacred Heart as expressed in     the Goals of the College.

+ exercise the legal rights and regulations of the Proprietor of Baradene College in accordance with the Private     Schools' Conditional Integration Act (1975), and the Integration Agreement.

+ ensure that the income and property of the Company wherever derived, shall be applied solely towards the activities     of the Company, or the charitable, apostolic and religious activities of the Society of the Sacred Heart within New     Zealand .

In summary, the work of Baradene College Ltd is dedicated to three main areas.

+ The appointment of four Proprietors' representatives to the Baradene Board of Trustees. Their prime     responsibility/function is to ensure that "Special Character" as expressed in the Goals is upheld in the Governance     of the College.

+ The provision of the necessary buildings for educational needs of the students, and the major maintenance of the     Convent buildings.

+ The funding of the activities of the Religious Education Department, and the Chaplain stipends. In order to provide,     maintain and improve these assets and activities, Baradene College Limited determines the parent's contribution to     be paid each term.

In addition to the College operations, Baradene College Ltd liaises with the Sisters to maintain, with the assistance of the Society of the Sacred Heart, a caring living environment for the valued members of our Convent Community.

Baradene College Limited Directors as appointed by the Provincial of the Australasian Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart are:


  • Mr Gavin Rennie (Chair)
  • Mr John Hickey
  • Mr Edmund Lawler
  • Mrs Maryanne Mahoney
  • Ms Christine Ryan
  • Mr Michael Smith
  • Sr Elizabeth Snedden
    Mrs Margaret Twomey
  • Executive Officer – Ms Kitty Moore
  • In attendance - Baradene College Principal, Mrs Sandy Pasley