Ms Gill Chappell

Mr Edmund Lawler
Proprietor's Representative

Mrs Sandy Pasley

Mr Richard James
BCL Representative

Sr Elizabeth Sneddon
BCL Representative

Ms Catherine Ryan
BCL Representative

Gabrielle Smyth 2020

Gabrielle Smyth
Staff Representative

Ashleigh Munapeyi
Student Representative

Mr Michael Stowers
Parent Representative

Mr Robert McDonnell
Parent Representative

Mrs Liz O’Neil
Parent Representative

Mrs Eva Cornforth
Parent Representative

BOT Meetings

The BOT will meet on the following dates at 6:00pm in the Parlour at Baradene:

17 February 2020
23 March 2020
18 May 2020
22 June 2020
10 August 2020
14 September 2020
2 November 2020
7 December 2020




Policies can be found at SchoolDocs.

Overseas Educational Experiences Policy

Annual Report 2018