There are numerous performance opportunities for all of our music groups. These opportunities to represent Baradene College as well as showcasing our talent are not taken lightly. Students’ commitment to the group is crucial. Rehearsal, attendance and practice at home are key to the betterment and enjoyment of the groups.

For more information or to join a group please email [email protected]

Senior Music Group

$250 annual fee

Senior groups are any groups that require a Baradene Music Uniform.  Students can sign up to multiple music groups and only have to pay $250.  For Senior Orchestra, Senior Schola Choir and Concert Band the music uniform hire is included.

Other Music Groups (Junior and Academies and ensembles)

$150 annual fee 

As with the senior groups, only one fee is payable no matter how many groups the student is part of.

The music fee covers all  ‘Day Trip’ EOTC throughout the year (KBB Competition, Discovery Music Concert in Town Hall, Remuera Music Month Concert, Big Sing etc.), music weekend and subsequent weekend workshop fees, sectional workshop tutors, pizza and nibbles provided during the rehearsal breaks, stationery and the purchase of new sheet music.