The Growing Heart Foundation

The years spent at Baradene College are a truly important time for young women to develop and leave school ready to thrive in the world.  Our focus is the development of the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and physical.It is this special education that is so worthy of our care and attention.  The Growing Heart Foundation is a charitable Trust formed to ensure that the school maintains and enhances the resources that continue to deliver an outstanding education for young women at Baradene College.  While school fees and government funding aids the general running of the school, it fails to cover staff and student special projects and programmes, or major building work.

A gift to the Growing Heart Foundation allows Baradene College to continue to be the special learning environment that it is, where our students focus on being the best they can be.

The Growing Heart Foundation Funds

We have four funds within the Foundation, that support the College to grow and develop in line with its strategic goals.

Student Scholarship and Support Fund
The Student Scholarship and Support Fund is used to offer students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to secure a Baradene College education, or to support current students who may experience circumstances that would otherwise prevent them from completing their education at the College.

Scholarships are also offered to provide gifted and talented students, across all facets of Baradene life, the opportunity to pursue their potential.

Staff Support Fund
Attracting and retaining inspiration teachers is an essential component in high achieving schools.  This fund will allow Baradene College to foster teaching excellence by attracting, retaining and rewarding teachers to ensure we have the very best in our classrooms.

Building Fund
This fund is used to support specific school building projects and will ensure the College has the facilities required to deliver the best education possible.

Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund is an investment that generates an annual income to ensure that Baradene College continues to maintain its special character and qualities.  This is a discretionary fund where you can choose where your gift will be spent or leave it up to the Foundation Trustees to determine the most important areas of need within the College.

How to Support Us

There are a range of ways you can support the Growing Heart Foundation.

Bequest / Legacy Gifts
These are gifts you can make at a later time which will make a difference beyond your lifetime.  Provisions can be made in your Will to gift Baradene College cash, shares, personal property or real estate.

Please let us know you are making a bequest by completing the Bequest / Gift Form.  In this way we can thank you and recognise your gift in your lifetime, (if you so wish), and discuss with you where you would like your gift directed.

Donations made over a period of time allow the school to plan and commit to longer term projects knowing that contributions will be received progressively through instalments.You choose how much you want to give, and you can alter or cancel your payment at any time.

One-off Donation
All donations are appreciated and there is no minimum amount.  Every bit helps us to achieve our long-term vision of maintaining an excellent education for the girls attending Baradene College.

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