The Peace team is a group of students from Years 9 - 12 who volunteer their time to come together in service of contributing to peace and wellbeing activities for their peers.

It is also a group that values getting to know peers from other year levels through discussion on topics of interest to members and getting involved in Peace team initiatives.

Near the end of each year, applications are called for from Year 9's as the Year 12's move on.

The Peace team is most known for their annual Peace Week held at the end of Term 1 or the start of Term 2 each year.  They design activities for each day of the week and encourage others to get involved.  2017's theme for Peace Week was Self-Love where the members wished to encourage their peers to value themselves.

Meetings are held fortnightly in lunchtime and more frequently leading up to Peace Week.

Year 12 members, who have participated on the Team since Year 9, get to become leaders.  The Year 12 members elect two Leaders, who take on the responsibility to lead the members with the input and chosen activities of the whole team.

The Peace Team is a great opportunity to connect with others for a combined purpose and to reach out to others in support of peace and wellbeing.

Person in Charge:
Ms Trish Jane, our School Counsellor
[email protected]