The Health Centre is managed by a Registered Nurse during school hours.

We are happy to see students with any health needs. 

If your daughter has Asthma, please ensure they bring their inhaler and spacer to school. We are unable to provide spare inhalers, although we do keep emergency supplies on hand.


The following vaccines are offered at school through Starship Community Health.

Boostrix (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis) Year 7

HPV Year 8

Information about these will be provided at the beginning of the year. 


We are following Ministry of Health Guidelines regarding Covid.

Their current advice is to stay home for 5 days if Covid positive.

After 5 days you may return to school without further testing.


Sharon Bassett (R.N.) - Monday to Thursday
Prim Moaveni (R.N.) - Friday
027 236 1169 (available during school hours)
[email protected]