Gateway offers selected students in Year 12-13 the opportunity to combine work experience in a career area of their choice with unit standards that will contribute towards NCEA. Gateway provides a pathway for assisting students’ transition more easily from school to tertiary study and work situations.


The Gateway programme will be offered as a subject option allowing students an additional subject choice that includes a practical work placement component. Gateway students will identify a career area of their choice and be given assistance to find a work placement for one day each week.

Each student will benefit from a programme that is designed to meet their specific needs. They will gain hands-on knowledge of their chosen career and the expectations of the work environment. In addition several classroom sessions each week will be spent assisting and supporting students to meet their individual written assessments. Each student will be required to achieve a minimum of 20 unit standards but we anticipate they will achieve many more.

Work placements may include: animal care, hospitality (waitressing, chef, hotel receptionist etc), business administration (clerical, office receptionist), legal executive, early child care, retail including pharmacy, floristry, sport and recreation and tourism.


The number of places for the Gateway Programme is limited to 15 students. They will be interviewed and selection will depend on a variety of reasons. These will include:

  • Individual student timetables
  • Consideration of the programme to enhance not hinder students' core subject progress

  • Aptitude and commitment – a good way for students to show commitment is for the student to make some effort in finding a work placement for herself

  • Being “work ready” ie reliable, punctual, well presented and having good people skills

  •  Availability of suitable work experience and appropriate unit standard