“The beautiful thing about learning is that no-one can take it away from you"  

The Learning Centre is designed to support any student who requires assistance with their studies. Students throughout their life may experience difficulties with an aspect of their studies. This may be because they have a learning difference which impacts on their ability to learn for example, dyslexia or dyspraxia. It may be because they need assistance with study skills or exam techniques. Baradene College is able to offer a range of services to enable students to access the curriculum fully.

To ensure that all students have an opportunity to reach their true potential we have the following pathways:

Learning Support High Needs

Our Learning Centre is supported by a number of dedicated staff including a Learning Coach and Teacher Aides. We are also able to call on a number of 'Outside Agencies' should the need arise.  

Jackie Wood
Learning Centre Co-ordinator
[email protected]