Go out on a limb -- that's where the fruit is.

- Will Rogers

Drama is an exciting and fun subject to take at all levels.   The work is performance based and builds your confidence and your creativity.  You can take Drama at all levels for NCEA as well as Scholarship.

Most of the work done in Drama is group work and is practical.  There is a written component for each unit of work too.  NCEA Drama also has an external written exam at the end of each year where students analyse a live performance they have seen throughout the calendar year.

In each year we build your performance skills by doing units of work on:

  • voice, body, movement and the use of space in performance
  • creating and writing your own play
  • reading and performing plays from around the world
  • theatre forms and their performance conventions
  • stage technology like set, costume design and make-up
  • analysing live performances that we will attend during the year

Taking Drama at school prepares you for the world of work by:

  • building your confidence to express your ideas
  • helping you to develop your ability to work in a team
  • enhancing your time-management skills, organisation, adaptability and empathy
  • developing your creativity and ability to think ‘outside the square’

ALL jobs and careers need these skills!

All Year 7/8 students have the opportunity to explore Drama and Dance.
At Year 9 you can take Drama and Dance as a half-year option.
At Year 10 you can take Drama as a full year option.
From Year 11 – 13 Drama is an option subject.  It is also possible to do Scholarship in Drama for Year 12 and 13 students.


Mrs Nicole Eichstaedt McComb
Head of Dance and Drama
[email protected]