The Learning Coach provides guidance and support for all learners. Students are taught strategies and techniques to encourage purposeful and effective ways of learning and studying. Students are coached individually or in groups.

Students  are taught essay writing, reading comprehension skills, memory strategies, learning styles, effective study methods and how to formulate study plans.

Students are encouraged to become active learners and to achieve a growth mindset so their true learning potential is achieved. Coaching caters for all types of learners and is particularly helpful for girls with learning differences such as dyslexia. Coaching is also helpful for students wishing to improve their marks and to be better prepared for NCEA exams.

Referrals for curriculum support and coaching are made by school staff and parents. Students can also make appointments using the self-referral system or by emailing directly. Coaching is available two days a week and is based in the Learning Centre.

Ms Melanie Sutton
[email protected]