The Learning Coach offers 'Learning Lessons' which provide students with techniques and strategies that, when put into practice, enhances their ability to learn more efficiently and effectively.
Students are coached to:
  - write effective and structured essays
  - learn methods to memorise subject content and facts
Comprehension strategies, revision techniques, study plans, examination preparation and techniques (linked to NCEA curriculum) are also taught.
The goal is to enable students to improve their ability to learn and as a result achieve more highly and with more success than their current scores in NCEA assessments. Coaching will assist underachieving and/or dyslexia students to improve their academic outcomes.
Most underachieving students respond favourably to 3 to 4 periods of individual Learning Lessons. However, the number of lessons required can depend on such factors as the age, ability and the diligence and commitment of the student. The vital component is for the student to apply their new 'learning toolkit' to their studies and to practice the new ways to learn to enable them to become a competent learner.
Melanie Sutton
Learning Coach