Tuition Fee                                                 per year              NZ$22,316.00 
Administration Fee (new student)
per year
Administration Fee (returning student)
per year

Per Term – on request
Short term tuition request – on individual basis


The College can arrange Homestay accommodation in accordance with the Code of Practice. Weekly accommodation can vary depending on each homestay (46 weeks per school year).

Homestay accommodation (Years 7 - 9)     per week      NZ$360.00 
Homestay accommodation (Years 10 - 13)

per week
Homestay retainer payment during summer holiday

flat rate

Homestay placement, monitoring and administration fee per year NZ$464.00 
Designated Homestay compliance fee per year NZ$258.00 
Homestay Change Fee
flat rate
AIRPORT – Meet/Transfer                        Service can be arranged through the College (approx. $75 per trip)  


Insurance (compulsory)*                          per year                 NZ$633.00 (approx.)   

* Insurance is compulsory.  You must purchase insurance yourself through a reputable Insurance Company OR through the College (Southern Cross Insurance) prior to commencement at the College (contact the College for further information).


Visa processing fee (Not applicable in all cases)
flat rate
School Uniform       basic                 NZ$800.00 to NZ$1000.00
Stationery (approx due to Year level) per year NZ$150-200.00
NCEA Fees Year 11, 12 & 13 only per year NZ$383.30
Educational ICT resources
per year
Computer requirement (Tablet)*   NZ$1500.00 approx

*Compulsory for all students.

Spending money – your daughter will require her own personal spending money and we suggest she opens a Bank account for these incidentals.


Baradene College Refund of Fees Policy

  1. Refunds may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Trustees in exceptional circumstances.
  2. A minimum of one term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal to withdraw a student from the school.
  3. Applications for refunds of fees must be made in writing by the parent or designated guardian to the Board of Trustees explaining why the student has withdrawn from the course and the reasons for seeking a refund.
  4. If an application for a refund of fees is made before the start of the school year (ie 31st December) fees will be refunded in full less a cancellation fee of NZ$500.00 to cover costs incurred by the school.
  5. If an application for a refund of fees is made after the start of the school year (ie after 31st December) the Board may refund to the person who paid the fees in respect of the course the amount it thinks appropriate less:

a) the cost to the Board of administrative and general expenses.

b) costs to the school already incurred for tuition.

c) components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course, including appropriate proportions of salaries of teachers and support staff (if applicable).

d) costs to the school already incurred for the use of facilities and resources.

e) any other costs (including the Government Levy).

6.  No refund will be made:

a) where a student is excluded/expelled from the school by the Board of Trustees.

b) where a student has breached the terms of their contract with the school.

c) where a student becomes a permanent resident during their course of study. Any student becoming a permanent resident will be required to re-enrol as a domestic student at the start of the next school year after becoming a resident. No guarantee can be given that a place will be available. Preference students will be given priority.

d) If the student wishes to transfer to another school in New Zealand.

7.  If a student VISA is not granted, fees will be refunded and applied under the same conditions as aforementioned in Item 5 – Student applying for a refund of fees after the start of the school year.

8.  In the unlikely event of the signatory (Baradene College) ceasing to provide course instruction as contracted with a     student, or ceases to be a signatory or provider for any reason, fees will be refunded under the same conditions as aforementioned in Item 5 – Student applying for a refund of fees after the start of the school year.


Baradene College Fee Protection Policy:

  1. Baradene College will refund fees as necessary in accordance with its Refund of Fees Policy.

  2. Baradene College will refund fees from International Students if the College is unable to continue to offer tuition.

  3. International Student fees will be guaranteed by Baradene College of the Sacred Heart and refunded if necessary from term deposits and the school’s income stream.