Top placings at National Dance Challenge

Baradene College launched a Dance Academy in 2022 - a new initiative for our talented dancers at Baradene.

After holding auditions, Year 13 students choreographed dance pieces that they taught and polished for the National Dance Challenge competition, where many schools compete in various dance genres.

This year we entered a total of six student-led groups into the National Dance Challenge, with 38 students involved across all the groups.

We came away with fantastic results, with all our groups placing in the Top 3 of their section. Below are the placings for each group along with their student choreographers:

  • Senior Hip Hop - 1st place
    Jenna Whiteman and Emily Homan

  • Senior Jazz - 1st place
    Sophia Copley and Sophie Brunel

  • Senior Lyrical - 2nd place
    Jessikah Bell and Ashleigh Bell

  • Senior Contemporary - 3rd place
    Ashleigh Gallagher and Ciara Higgott

  • Junior Jazz - 2nd place
    Jessica Fairweather and Emili Snowdon

  • Junior Lyrical - 2nd place
    Jessica Fairweather and Emili Snowdon

Congratulations to all our dancers and choreographers for their achievements at the 2022 National Dance Challenge.