1960 - 2022

The Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciennes du Sacre Coeur is French for The World Association of Alumni of the Sacred Heart (AMASC). It is the organisation that brings together all the Alumni of Sacred Heart Schools in the world, those who are eager to cultivate mutual aid and friendship between the associations and to remain faithful to the values they received during their schooling. 

This education they enjoyed is rooted in the Christian vision of Madeleine Sophie Barat (1779-1865). Built on the respect of each other with their gifts and their talents, and to use those talents for the benefit of all, developing a keen sense of social justice and calling to action. These values are still today the basis of the pedagogy of all schools of the Sacred Heart, no matter where they are based.

Founded in 1960 at the request of Mother General de Valon as an international non-profit association under Belgian law, AMASC meets every four years, with alumni coming from 41 countries and over 150 schools. The Mother General’s vision was to bring together alumni from around the world with a common education (of the Sacred Heart). The last Conference was held in Mexico in 2018, and the next Conference will be held in Naples, Italy, in October (2022). These meetings bring together several hundred participants - over 1000 attended the Tokyo Conference in 1986 at the Sophia University in the centre of Japan, where the Empress Michiko of Japan attended the Yotsuya Campus. In the General Assembly, the Presidents of the National Associations (e.g. New Zealand, Australia) will vote on the results of the past year and elect the future president of AMASC for a new term of four years, as well as the members of the Board of Directors.                   

Over the years, New Zealand (Erskine and Baradene) have been represented on the Board of AMASC by Felicity Rennie, Maria Bullock, Djuanne Walker, and Viki Cullen. If you would like to learn more about AMASC or get involved, you can visit their website: for all the latest news and updates from around the world.