Top All Girl Team in NZ!

Huge Success at Robotics.  The Baradene "Barabots" team went to Nationals where 60 teams competed. 

In the qualifiers teams are allocated random pairings for each match and compete against another pair with their robots to manipulate objects and score points. Each year the tasks and objects are different and they have to design, build, programme and drive a robot to score as many points as possible, using standard Vex parts,.

The team got through qualifiers in 11th position out of 60 teams from all over NZ, and went through to the knockout finals where they chose their alliance partner. They got to quarter finals where they were knocked out by the alliance that went on to win Nationals and who will go to Worlds in the USA.

Our position meant we are the Top All girl team in NZ! 

Robotics 2019 Photobox