Teacher Trainee Opportunity

Over the last three years, Baradene has provided opportunities to train as a secondary teacher at the College and is doing so again in 2024. You can see by the reflections of our current and previous trainees, some of whom are alumnae, that it provides a wonderful and innovative teacher training programme.

Please refer to the website https://www.schoolbasedtraining.org/ for information about the programme that has been set up by Auckland Schools Teaching Coalition in conjunction with the University of Waikato.

Support for the Special Character of the college is a condition of acceptance to the programme at Baradene College, as is a current satisfactory police vetting result.

To apply for the teacher training opportunity at Baradene College of the Sacred Heart, please complete the application form on the University of Waikato website https://www.schoolbasedtraining.org/apply.html and send this form along with your transcript and curriculum vitae to:

Principal’s Executive Assistant – Donna Francis [email protected] by 5pm on Monday 18 September.


2023 Trainees

Stepping back into the halls of Baradene this year as a teacher-trainee has been a journey that's rekindled a profound connection between both my past and my newfound passion.

The path that led me here was unexpected, starting with my return in 2020 to coach Triathlon. Little did I know that this coaching experience would ignite a deep-seated passion for educating young minds. This revelation led me away from research and into the world of secondary teaching, a choice that has now defined this chapter of my life.

Throughout this trainee year, I've been fortunate to receive guidance from both the Science and Physical Education teachers, a true embodiment of Baradene's interdisciplinary spirit. The exposure to diverse teaching styles and subjects has enriched my understanding of pedagogy. Moreover, the immersion in the school's ecosystem, including trips, coaching opportunities, and camps, has provided a holistic perspective on education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom.

The most striking aspect of this journey has been the sense of support and community that Baradene offers. Returning to my alma mater has felt like coming home, as I've been enveloped by a nurturing environment that values growth and learning. The guidance from my mentor teachers, one of whom was once my teacher, encapsulates the beautiful full circle of learning and teaching.

As I approach the culmination of this year, I find myself filled with gratitude for the opportunity to complete my teacher training at Baradene. The unwavering support from all staff has fortified my belief in the value of a practical, hands-on approach to teaching. This year-long experience has allowed me to understand the intricacies of the teaching role while also fostering genuine relationships with both colleagues and students.

Looking ahead to my first year as a full-fledged teacher in 2024, I do so with a profound sense of confidence. The comprehensive training and mentorship I've received during this time have instilled in me the certainty that I am well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Yasmin Kessner (Class of 2015)

Nearing the end of my year-long teaching diploma, I can confidently say that having the opportunity to complete my training at Baradene through the Waikato programme was the best decision I could have made in becoming a teacher. Not only was the year-long practicum so valuable for developing a core set of teaching values, skills, and experiences for myself but also the support I’ve had from my two mentor teachers and department has provided me with the confidence to move into my first year of teaching in 2024. I was told early in the year by a member of staff at Baradene that as soon as you walk through that school gate, no matter who you are, you are a part of the Baradene community, which is something that I have genuinely felt throughout this experience and is why I can truly recommend applying for this course through Baradene. As everyone will soon tell you, you learn how to teach in the classroom, not just by attending university lectures, and this course is the best way to do just that in Aotearoa.

Jordan Leary 

2022 Trainees

I left Baradene in 2016 and have returned in a different capacity as a trainee teacher this year. It has been the most wonderful experience being able to train as a teacher in such a supportive environment. Being at Baradene all year meant I was fully immersed in the school environment. This has provided great insight into both the full role of a teacher and the wider school community. The practical experience that the programme offers is second to none, and I am very grateful to have been supported by so many staff members this year. It truly has been a full circle moment, including with one of my teachers as a student at Baradene now being my mentor teacher! 

Lucy Fuller (Class of 2016)

Receiving the opportunity to return to Baradene and complete my teacher training this year has been a blessing, surpassing all my expectations. The staff have been unbelievably supportive of both my teaching within the classroom and learning throughout the university courses, encouraging me to grow into a reflective, empathetic teacher passionate about their subject content and the wellbeing of their students. As I reflect upon nearing the end of my first school year returning as a staff member, I believe the idea of a full-time practical is extremely valuable as part of this course. It allowed me to gain authentic experience in a school environment and strengthen whanaungatanga with staff and students. Looking forward, I feel confident going into my first year of teaching in 2023, knowing that wherever I am, I have the strong support system of Baradene behind me, something for which I will always be grateful.

Emelina Glavas (Class of 2017)