Baradene has won silver at the NZ Ice Cream Awards. Congratulations to students Felicity Rood, Grace Taylor, Bronte Gregorio-Hansen, Georgia Robertson who produced the award-winning Lactose free Mochachino Gelato – under their brand name “Free”. This is an outstanding achievement considering they were the only non-commercial organisation entered!

The team also produced a lactose Free Choconut which they did not enter into the competiton.  Well done to Hannah Brownhill-Griggs and Tayla Rae who entered a Blue cheese, quince and candied walnut premium ice cream, also producing a Blue Cheese  and fig and fennel ice cream to complete their “savoury ice cream” range.

Last year these girls worked on a brief for Tip Top – a lactose free ice cream and a savoury ice cream.  “Although lactose free dairy products are currently a niche segment in the market, there is an increased demand for lactose free products. Develop a lactose free frozen dessert for lactose intolerant consumers”;    “Consumers are getting more and more adventurous and the borders between sweet and savoury no longer exist. Develop a savoury ice cream range.”

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