Last week Audrey Rossolatos competed for New Zealand in the Trans-Tasman Archery tournament held at Bruce Pulman park.
Coming off a week of illness, Audrey performed outstandingly in the NZ colours. Here is a summary of her performance:
DAY 1 - 720 shoot.  Not ideal shooting conditions in high winds and rain but regardless Audrey came away with the GOLD! 
DAY 2 – Individual match play. Not only was Audrey competing against her own age group but also the age group up. Audrey won SILVER following her 9 matches. 
DAY 3 – Mixed match play pairs. Audrey and her partner had their game plan set and it proved successful with them winning GOLD.
DAY 4 – FINAL Tournament day and the NZ team were working tirelessly – every match against the Australians worth vital points. Again, Audrey was shooting against those of the higher age grouping along with two team-mates. They won all their matches right up to the final against the top Australian team. They were the last match on the line for the day and Audrey was the last to shoot.  She needed a 9 or higher to win the match. Audrey shot an X with 4 seconds to spare to exuberant cheers from everyone!!!

Well done Audrey on a superb week!

 A Rossolatos