Our orienteering team had a successful time in Christchurch for the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships.  This year was one of the biggest fields to date with almost 400 entries from more than 96 schools. 

Our Year 7/8 girls came away as TOP GIRLS SCHOOL and the Year 9-13 girls were 2nd top school in New Zealand!

Congratulations to all of the team who contributed to a great time away. We had a fantastic twenty-six top 10 placings and our podium winners were:

Sprint Event

  • Year 7/8 – 2nd Anija Irvine
  • Intermediate – 1st Anna Duston, 2nd Penelope Salmon, 3rd= Emma Managh

Long Event

  • Year 7/8 Championship–1st Aliana Henderson
  • Year 7/8 Standard – 2nd Isla Petherbridge
  • Intermediate championship – 2nd Lucy Burrell, 3rd Anna Duston

Relay Event

  • Year 7/8– 1st (Aliana Henderson, Rachel Duston, Isabelle McDonnell)
  • Year 7/8 – 2nd (Ruby Nathan, Harriet Burrell, Anija Irvine)
  • Intermediate – 3rd (Michaela Managh, Grace Wilde, Petra Buyck)
  • Senior – 1st (Lucy Burrell, Charlotte Carter, Penelope Salmon)

A huge congratulations to all of the team for a wonderful weekend, and thank you to all of our supporters who helped to make the time away so enjoyable. A special thanks to Rachel Buyck for her coaching and managing skills for the trip.