Our cyclists have once again excelled in a fantastic weekend at Cambridge competing in the North Island Secondary Schools Road and Track Cycling Championships.
On Saturday and Sunday our squad raced over the 3 events at the Road Champs. Despite a forced number of withdrawals due to illness it was great to see all our girls ride with great pride and guts coming away as TOP GIRLS SCHOOL.
We say a huge thank you to our wonderful coaching team, led by Paul Leitch, and the Cycling Committee for their organisation and assistance over the weekend.

Congratulations to our top 10 place-getters in the Road Champs:

Team Time Trial

Year 7/8A – 2nd (Isabelle Gibson, Freya Holland, Bailee Courtney, Sienna Lushkott)
Year 7/8B – 8th (Jess Crummy, Kiera Evans, Greta Calleja, Sorren Larsen)
U16A – 2nd (Emma Blackmore, Alice Hopkinson, Ella Morton, Lydia Stevens)
U16B – 9th (River Miln, Bonnie Rattray, Niamh Evans, Charlotte Ellis)
U20A – 2nd (Lara Hopkinson, Aimee Blackmore, Jorja Clouth, Natalya Carter, Grace Cummins)
U20B – 5th (Alex Galvin, Georgia Holland, Erica Hipkins, Ireland Miln, Annabel Preece)
U20C – 8th (Mackenzie Courtney, Greer Haddock, Elise Love, Ella McKee, Olivia Hyland)

Road Race

U13 - Sienna Lushkott 5th, Freya Holland 7th
U15 - Emma Blackmore 4th, Bonnie Rattray 5th
U16 - Alice Hopkinson 2nd, Lydia Stevens 5th, Ella Morton 6th
U17 - Jorja Clouth 2nd, Aimee Blackmore 4th
U20 - Erica Hipkins 5th, Grace Cummins 6th, Natalya Carter 7th


U13A – Sienna Lushkott 5th, Freya Holland 6th
U14A – Isabelle Gibson 7th, U14B – Bailee Courtney 2nd, Jess Crummy 3rd
U15A – Emma Blackmore 3rd, Bonnie Rattray 6th , U15B – Greer Stringer 9th
U16A – Alice Hopkinson 2nd, Ella Morton 3rd, Lydia Stevens 9th
U17A – Jorja Clouth 2nd, Aimee Blackmore 4th, Alex Galvin 6th
U20A – Erica Hipkins 2nd, Lara Hopkinson 3rd, Grace Cummins 4th

13 girls remained in Cambridge to then compete at the NISS TRACK CHAMPS held at the Avantidrome.
Congratulations to the following girls who placed at the Track Championships:
U15 515m Scratch Race – Bonnie Rattray 3rd
U17 6 Lap Kieran – Jorja Clouth 1st, Aimee Blackmore 3rd
U17 4000m Scratch Race – Jorja Clouth 2nd, Alexandra Galvin 3rd
U15 3000m Points Race – Emma Blackmore 3rd
U17 5000m Points Race – Jorja Clouth 1st, Alexandra Galvin 3rd
U20 7500m Points Race – Lara Hopkinson 3rd
U16 Team Pursuit 2000m – Junior A 3rd (Emma Blackmore, Alice Hopkinson, Ella Morton, Bonnie Rattray)
U20 Team Pursuit 3000m – Senior A 1st (Aimee Blackmore, Jorja Clouth, Alexandra Galvin, Lara Hopkinson)
U20 Team Sprint 500m – Senior A 2nd (Jorja Clouth, Alexandra Galvin)

We especially congratulate Jorja Clouth for providing the highlight of the Track Champs by winning the omnium (overall points for the event) for U17 Women.