In the Term 3 holiday, 53 Baradene cyclists competed at Nationals in Palmerston North and surrounding areas – and what a Nationals it was for our Cycling Club.
As well as 2 National Champions, (Jenna Merrick in U20 Road Race and Junior A TTT), Baradene came away with the Top School cups for both the Secondary Schools and Intermediate Schools grades. Other achievements included 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals and a total of 37 top 10 placings. We congratulate all the girls who competed at this elite event and the cor unum spirit you all displayed with your support and encouragement for everyone.
Cyclists competed in 3 events over 3 days and our top 5 placings were:

Team Time Trial
Under 20:
2nd - Senior A (Greer Haddock, Jenna Merrick, Natalie Mitchell, Abigail Morton, Isabella Morton)
Under 16:
1st – Junior A (Aimee Blackmore, Natalya Carter, Grace Cummins, Lara Hopkinson)
Year 7&8:
3rd – Y7&8A (Emma Blackmore, Charlotte Ellis, Alice Hopkinson, River Miln)
4th – Y7&8B (Niamh Evans, Sophie Lydon, Jessica O’Connell, Zoe Temm)

Road Race
Under 13
3rd - Emma Blackmore
Under 14
4th - Ella Morton|
Under 17
5th – Greer Haddock
Under 20
1st – Jenna Merrick
3rd – Abigail Morton

Points Race
Under 13
5th – Emma Blackmore
Under 14
5th – Sadie Walker
Under 20
4th – Abigail Morton
5th – Jenna Merrick