Baradene College of the Sacred Heart’s sports programme endeavours to provide a positive active environment that encourages and fosters physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development through progressive experiences gained from participation in physical activity and organised sport.


  • To promote and publicise the benefits of physical activity and the importance of personal health and well-being.
  • To provide all students with equal opportunity and encouragement to participate in a variety of physical activity and organised sporting possibilities at the level of their interest and ability.
  • To identify, develop and support the athletic potential of our talented and gifted young sportswomen through quality coaching, support and guidance.
  • To provide students with the opportunity and encouragement to explore their leadership abilities through coaching, umpiring and organising of sport and physical activity within the Baradene College community.


  • Students are able to participate in a wide variety of sports across a range of different levels.
  • Participation will be approved only on the basis that students complete and return a signed sport permission form and meet all payment requirements.
  • Participation in a school sports team is considered to be a privilege. Participation, therefore, will continue only on the basis that students meet the requirements in terms of commitment, attitude and behaviour outlined in the player responsibilities and the schools fair play charter.
  • All efforts are made to ensure that there are sufficient coaches/managers/support staff to meet the participation and interest levels of students participating in sport.
  • No team will be entered into any form of competition unless the team has a responsible individual who is willing to undertake the role and responsibilities of the team manager.
  • All top/elite sporting teams should have competent, committed and qualified coaches to ensure that a quality programme is being delivered to our talented and gifted sportswomen.
  • All teachers in charge, coaches, managers, umpires are to be given the opportunity to and encouraged to take part in personal and sport development opportunities.
  • The school will recognise and celebrate both individual and team sporting success.


Participation in physical activity and organised sport provides students with the necessary mental, physical, spiritual and social skills required to confidently embark on life beyond school.