Our cyclists have achieved amazing results at the 2021 North Island Secondary Schools Champs at Lake Karapiro.
Baradene has come away as TOP GIRLS SCHOOL for both Year 7/8’s and Secondary Schools.
This comes down to a real team effort, so congratulations to all who competed over the weekend with wonderful Baradene pride.
Here are our top ten place-getters, and we especially congratulate our many medal winners:
Team Time Trial:
Year 7/8 A – 1st (Madeline Bell, Elodie Donnelly, Mia Pepper, Kate Shapley), Year 7/8B - 4th, Year 7/8C - 5th, Year 7/8D - 6th
Junior A - 5th, Junior B - 7th
Senior A – 3rd (Emma Blackmore, Jorja Clouth, Alice Hopkinson, Ella Morton, Bonnie Rattray), Senior B - 6th

Road Race:
U13 – Madeline Bell 3rd, Greta Hunter 4th, Madeleine Hunter 5th, Lara Dolan 9th
U14 – Kate Shapley 2nd, Mia Pepper 4th
U16 - Freya Holland 5th, Keira Evans 7th, Sienna Lushkott 8th, Jaime Sanderson 10th
U17 – Bonnie Rattray 3rd
U20 – Alice Hopkinson 2nd, Jorja Clouth 3rd

U13A – Madeleine Hunter 3rd, Greta Hunter 4th, Lara Dolan 6th
U13B – Madison Bruford 2nd, Samantha Cundy 3rd, Ruby Crummy 5th, Priya Hermansson 9th
U14A – Mia Pepper 1st, Elodie Donnolly 9th
U15B - Aiobheann Devlin 5th, Rosie Beech 6th
U15A - Freya Holland 4th, Keira Evans 5th, Sienna Lushkott 9th
U16B - Jess Crummy 5th
U17A - Bonnie Rattray 7th, River Miln 10th
U17B – Celia Galvin 1st, Emily Shaw 2nd
U20A – Jorja Clouth 1st, Alice Hopkinson 3rd, Ella Morton 10th

Many thanks to all the coaches, led by Paul Leitch, all the helpers and our wonderful supporters.