The New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships is a 3-day event with a race each day in different locations. In 2019 it was held in Auckland with over 450 competitors from 74 schools from around New Zealand.  Day 1 was the relay, followed by the Long Course (in Woodhill forest) and then the Sprint race at Glenfield College.

We had fantastic results and Baradene was clearly the team to beat this year.  We were Top Girls School overall which is the first time we have won this trophy! This is awarded to the team with the most points across all grades. This award really is a team effort, you need a large committed group to accumulate points – it is highly contested, and we are very proud of this achievement.  We also won the “Premier School” trophy for girls which is awarded to the school that has the best top (individual) result over all grades.  And another overall award was being the 3rd Girls School in the Year 7/8 competition. So not only did we show talent, we also showed depth in our talent.  We had long days racing and supporting one another. Aside from our podium winners we had many girls achieving personal bests and we have all taken away some lessons and new skills.  Most importantly, we have also taken away some great memories and have some new stories to share. The orienteering team has gained strength over the past 6 years and we are excited about continuing with this in to 2020.  Thanks to our supporters over the weekend and to all the girls in the team who have made this year so successful and enjoyable.

Top ten placings:

7/8 - 6th (Kate Robinson, Josephine Stickley and Harriet Johnston) 8th (Lucy McDonnell, Gigi Moaveni and Isla Petherbridge)  9th (Katie Brugh, Ciara Swan and Caitlin Weir)
Junior - 1st (Aliana Henderson, Harriet Burrell and Anija Irvine)
Intermediate - 3rd (Ruby Nathan, Rachel Duston and Isabelle McDonnell) - these 3 were all juniors running up in Int grade!
Senior - 2nd (Lucy Burrell, Emma Managh, Penelope Salmon)


7/8 - 10th Georgia Lindroos
Junior - 1st Aliana Henderson, 2nd Rachel Duston, 3rd Ruby Nathan,  5th Isabelle McDonnell, 6th Harriet Burrell
Intermediate - 3rd Penelope Salmon
Senior - 9th Emma Managh, 10th Lucy Burrell


7/8 - 8th Georgia Lindroos
Junior - 1st Rachel Duston, 2nd Ruby Nathan, 3rd Aliana Henderson, 5th Isabelle McDonnell, 6th Harriet Burrell
Intermediate -1st Penelope Salmon
Senior - 4th Emma Managh

More photos can be found on the dedicated NZSSOC Facebook Page where you can also find two brilliant videos of the relay and the long in Woodhill forest, as well as a ‘live’ commentary on the final day of the event, the Sprint at Glenfield also find two brilliant videos of the Relay